Bars In 250 Words – Las Vecinas

I love finding new places to eat/drink……but mostly eat. Even when I go to places for a drink I read the menu; just in case.

I read here about a small bar in the bohemian district of Barranco called Las Vecinas Eco-Bar. It sells organic food and local beers, and seeing as how the local produce here in Peru is so good, I thought I would give it a try.

las vecinas menuEL LUGAR (THE PLACE)

The bar begins in a large, high ceilinged porch of a terraced house, with an artsy, boho feel. There are wall menus on blackboards inside old window frames; brightly coloured accessories; and even board games to play. It is also nestled in to the same building as a second hand shop and a bakery.


Now, down to the best bit! Las Vecinas serves an ever changing menu of organic food, and as I arrived on Thursday’s pizza night, I obviously had to try them. One of these pitta bases was topped with a mix of goats cheese and grapes.

I know.

It sounds like an awfully upperclass pizza, but the combination of the two ingredients was incredible. Don’t believe me? Try it!


The local beers here are great (I tried the Sierra Andina ales), but only if you have the funds, as they are about S/.12 a bottle. This would go halfway to a night in a dorm for most backpackers! But if the beer doesn’t entice you, then they also offer pisco macerated with different herbs.

(Check out their facebook page for more info here!)

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