Easter Eats (Part 1) // Naruto, LongHorn & Anelare

I hope you all had a great Easter break, whether it was Thursday – Sunday, like in Peru, or Friday – Monday, like in the UK!

4 days is a nice little mini holiday and I spent the majority of mine eating.

No surprise there then.

So here begins my food diary for the Easter weekend!

Day 1 (Thursday) – Naruto

Naruto is this great little Japanese restaurant that serves a damn fine ramen soup.

We’ve been meaning to try this place for a while, and holidays are always a good excuse to go out to eat! I also knew we would probably be eating a lot over the weekend so we thought a good soup would do the trick.

The front of the restaurant is plain black with their logo and gives nothing away.

But inside is a whole other story.

naruto decor

I love the use of animé and manga characters from Japanese culture, they absolutely bring the place to life.


Bright colours, bright lights and Japanese lettering all help to give a Tokyo feel to the place! So fun!

The ramen soup comes in two sizes; a large for S/26 and a smaller one for S/19. There are also 4 different kinds of the ramen soup to choose from.

We went for a large miso ramen to share alongside a bowl of their recommended dish ‘katsudon’.

The soup arrived and it looked amazing.

miso ramen

Soft but slightly sticky ramen noodles floating inside a perfectly seasoned and savoury miso broth. Sweet sweetcorn, a soft boiled egg (with the yolk cooked to perfection for the soup, so it didn’t run out but it wasn’t completely hard either), beansprouts, and a big slice of pork all helped to make this dish beautiful!

As soon as you eat it, you know that this is what you have been needing all day, without even knowing it.

Then the katsudon came to join the ramen party.


Slices of juicy breaded pork, onions and beaten egg (a little like an omelette texture) cooked in a slightly sweet sauce and placed on a bed of sticky Japanese rice. Amazing, and no wonder they have it on their recommended list. You have to try it.

We also followed up with some gyozas. These are steamed little parcels filled with pork and veggies and then finished briefly on a hot plate or flat griddle to crisp the bottoms. I unfortunately didn’t manage to get a photo but if you check out the menu page (Carta) on Naruto’s website here, they are top centre!

These were probably my least favourite dish out of the three, although they were still very tasty. They didn’t have as much of a flavour kick as the other dishes, but they are supposed to be dipped in a mix of soy sauce and vinegar. Maybe they hold back on the flavour of the gyoza so that the sauces finish them perfectly. Whatever the case, they were still a good little dish to finish the meal (or as a starter too).

ramen and katsudon

We washed it all down with a bottle of Japanese beer.


This was a different beer from Asahi, that we had not tried before, called Select Amber Lager and it was delicious. Refreshing and light but with a great flavour from start to finish. It was certainly not watery.

However, we also noticed that almost every table was drinking bottles of Aloe Vera (S/5).

aloe vera

We were intrigued and ordered it to see what the fuss was all about! I know Aloe Vera is very good for your insides and immune system, and my mum swears by drinking it every morning to fight of illness and to keep your body in good check. This drink was a mix of aloe vera, honey and citrus among a few other ingredients and was extremely tasty. If you try it, do not be freaked out by the bits floating in the slightly thick liquid, I believe they are part of the aloe vera! It is smooth and sweet but with a slight tang from the citrus and is a good partner to the food.

All in all, I left feeling very good about myself. Japanese food is exceptional for leaving you satisfied and full, but not at all heavy. The only problem now is that I want to come and eat lunch here everyday!

Day 2 (Friday) – LongHorn

Sometimes there is nothing better than a good steak, a large portion of chips and a glass of red wine.

And on Friday we wanted one of those days.

So we headed to a great steak restaurant, in one of our large shopping centres Jockey Plaza, called LongHorn.

Longhorn is an American chain serving up all manner of cuts of beef from anticuchos (beef heart skewers) to a nice lomo fino (fillet steak). They also, among other things, serve pastas, other types of meat, and also morcilla (black pudding) and chorizo.

We decided on their offer of a sharing dish for 2 people. Two Picanha steaks (top sirloin I believe) served up on a personal parilla (bbq/grill), with a large portion of chips (these were actual chips and not some namby pamby fast food french fries), and a salad. Pretty sure the salad is just there to make yourself feel better.

“But I had some salad, honest”

Anyway, we had a fabulous time eating our way through sirloin steak, with an excellent chimichurri, and chips freshly made from papa amarilla (yellow potato).

steak and chips

The steak was perfectly cooked and the fat literally just melted, and although I would have liked my chips a little crispier, they were in fact the best accompaniment. Not too thick cut, but not too thin either!

This time we took our own wine, because LongHorn does not charge corkage, or at least not for the first bottle.

las moras syrah

A bottle of Las Moras (one of my favourites) Black Label Syrah was our choice for the day. A beautiful deep red wine; full bodied but with a smooth finish. Happy days, and a perfect match for steak.

If you are looking for a great steakhouse in Lima then I do recommend LongHorn. I have never been disappointed with the quality of the food and I’ve been here a few times now.

Sometimes simple food is the best food.


As if my mini holiday of food couldn’t get any better, I finished off my lunch with some Anelare ice cream from their stand in Jockey Plaza, Surco.

anelare jockey

Lucky me!

I’ve tried their ‘Menta Fudge’ (mint fudge) and their ‘Cocada’ (like coconut macaroons but with manjar blanco too) flavours which are both delicious, but this time I went for the ‘Todo Sobre Nutella’ (all about Nutella) and the ‘Crocante de Lúcuma’ (lúcuma crunch).

crocante de lucuma

The Crocante de Lúcuma was just full of that beautiful caramel-y lúcuma flavour, which is so hard to find in a lot of so-called ‘lúcuma’ ice creams. It was creamy too, although not quite as deliciously thick as some I’ve tried, although this did not take away from how ridiculously tasty it was! The crispy chocolate pieces were a great addition, not only for the contrast in texture but also because chocolate and lúcuma are such a great pairing.

The Nutella ice cream was not as I had expected, as it was more of a creamy vanilla base with a lot of chunks, or shavings, of Nutella mixed through. To start with I thought that the Nutella flavour was lacking, however I was soooo wrong. The fact that the ice cream was not completely made from Nutella meant that the flavour was at that perfect level of not being overly sickly sweet and just that nostalgic flavour we all know and love. Bravo Anelare!

anelare ice cream

Love. Love. Love.


Naruto – Japanese Food // Av. Aviacion 2982, San Borja (a couple of blocks north of San Borja Sur)

Jockey Plaza Centro Comercial // Javier Prado Este 4200, Surco. 

Longhorn // There are a few locations in Peru (which you can find here) but we go to the one in Jockey Plaza. The address within Jockey is – Plazuela, Local CC P4-7, Nivel 1. – although that address probably won’t help and neither will the photo on Jockey’s website! It is along from the cinema in the same area as TGI Fridays, EDO, Tony Roma’s, The Hard Rock Cafe and Chilis.

Anelare //  There are many locations to buy from their stalls or just to buy the tubs of ice cream, however I normally go to the stand in Jockey Plaza. (which is not listed on Anelare’s website) at – Boulevard, Nivel 1, Módulo A1 – 36D. It’s in an area between Cinnabon and Delicass if that is any help at all!



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