The New Orleans Edit

I had been wanting to visit New Orleans for at least 7 years but when the time arose for booking a holiday I chose to plan a trip to Peru instead (another long time dream – and we all know what happened after that…), so it took me a long time to finally get there.

I have to say it was everything I thought it would be, full of food, drink, music and colourful culture. There is music playing on every corner in the French Quarter, especially jazz and blues, and there are fabulous places to eat, people having fun and the city is just alive and full of fun! Sadly, we were a little unlucky with the rainy weather so we didn’t get to experience everything we had planned, however we did pack a lot in to our New Year’s Eve trip.

The following experiences in New Orleans are by no means exhaustive (there is so much more to see and explore), but it’s a selection of things and places that I loved doing and would definitely recommend to do if you were planning a trip yourselves.

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Tea & Cake in Cambridge

I use the term ‘tea and cake’ broadly here. What I actually mean is… a delicious cup of something plus some fabulous sweet treats to go alongside.

Last week was ‘Afternoon Tea Week’ in the UK (perhaps elsewhere too?) and I’ve been reading many a post on grand afternoon teas around the country serving up infinite finger sandwiches, scones and cakes on a towering stand alongside endless cups of tea. But, what about the not-so-grand affair of a mid-afternoon (or mid-morning even) cup of tea with a slice of cake. This is the everyday kind of afternoon tea that I’m almost certain everyone partakes in.

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The Lima Edit – Most Visited and Old Favourites

I was inspired by my last post to think of some favourite locations here in Lima that I find myself returning to again and again. Obviously there are so many amazing places to eat here, and some of those I’ve been to a few times, or wish I could visit more often, but these are the places that have remained a constant over the last few years. These are also the places that I continuously take people that come to visit me as I always know I can trust the quality.

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The Little Edition

As you may have noticed there have been a few exciting changes around here, with the name being the most obvious!

After a few years of focusing the blog almost solely on my new home I felt that I wanted to share much more than just Peru. Splitting my time between two continents has given me many opportunities, both back in the UK and the countries between, which I wanted to talk about but didn’t feel I could while it was still A Slice of Peru as it would be fairly unrelated (the name was a bit of an obstacle). I thought about starting a separate blog to talk about lifestyle, travel and food outside of Peru, but in reality a lot of it would still be based here in Lima, as it’s where i spend the majority of my time, so it seemed a little repetitive! In the end I decided to re brand my current blog, so that it would still include all my recommendations for Lima and Peru, but also give me the platform to expand my topics of conversation. So, while there will be some new additions to the blog, it will still be a helpful guide for the things I enjoy so much here. After all, moving to Lima was the reason I started this blog a few years ago!

Overall, I want this to be a site for you to read if you are interested to learn more about the capital of Peru and what there is to enjoy when you visit here, but also for me to share other interests both here and abroad that might inspire you too. I’m really excited to get writing again, I’ve missed doing it these past few months!

There will still be alterations and updates over the next few months, but I think the main part has been completed now. If there’s anything you would be interested in reading, please feel free to comment below with any suggestions or you can also find me on Twitter @littleedition or Facebook @thelittleedition!

See you soon!

E x